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Oct 26 2012




How to give proper credit to artists without knowing who they are

I appreciate reblogging the shit out of this if anybody wouldn’t mind.

Sick of art going around and artists not getting proper credit at all.


Good tip! As silly as it seems, a lot of people don’t know/forget that Google can do this. But now you all know, so you can stop saying that you don’t remember where you found and image, or that a friend sent it to you! Besides, adding credits makes the original artist happy. :)

This is super useful info! Heck, I like to be credited, but more than that, I sometimes have trouble finding sources for stuff I’m posting. Problem solved.

(via wilwheaton)

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    basically every episode of Catfish summed up
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    tumblr should be a community that supports artist recognition. i’ve had a lot of my art uncredited/stolen
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