Jamie McKelvie

May 28 2013



This album/song is really closely associated with Young Avengers for me now, probably as I’ve listened to it so much while I work. One of my favourites of the year so far.

This interests me because I’d been associating Young Avengers really strongly with Heartthrob but I thought it was just me having taken I’m Not Your Hero on as my “lying on the floor crying all the snot out of my nose about Kid Loki” track late last year and then listened to the album all January when I very much needed a comic about having to be brave and then melded it all together in my head.

It fits very perfectly though, a sort of post-some-sort-of-angst but headlong-into-another-very-different-sort-that-will-be-the-making-of-you album, all wisdom sniffed out through tears and with a bit of tissue still stuck to its face and a sort of communal bravery and emergent self-knowledge. I’ve banged on about it for at least four billion words already this year so I’ll shut up now but if its possible it made it into the art (and some bits, like the spell-circles and the soul now’s charge do look very like the synth noises; like, the soul bow’s pulse is sort of like the punchier bits of Goodbye, Goodbye, except that the song is pink) then that’s very definitely only a good thing.

I’ll stop mumbling about synaesthetic things no one else sees shall I? Yes.

No, this makes a lot of sense. There’s also a parallel in taking something people (often wrongly) consider to be disposable and unimportant (pop, superhero comics) and doing that other thing you do through it (indie music, indie comics - we’ve said that YA is the closest thing to Phonogram we could do in the Marvel universe) while at the same time being as POP as possible.

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    That also makes me think of the Los Camp! thing about finding a balance between pretension and pop, which is exactly...
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    No, this makes a lot of sense. There’s also a parallel in taking something people (often wrongly) consider to be...
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